Puma into street dance.

Puma France developed its interest in dance, after a fashion line dedicated to dance and its Puma Social at the 114 club. With a collection this time more developed and complete, Puma France has created in association with French agencies Novembre, Thomas Marko & Associés and Zenith Optimedia, an art project – a la MTV Dance Crew - which highlights urban dance and street culture. “Puma continues its quest in the development of Puma Social. The program Puma The Quest allows us to highlight the street universe, which is part of the DNA of the brand Puma. In a highly competitive environment, Puma wants first put forward a state of mind, a unique and original content around dance, which we hope will lead to future vocations and we expect great careers. Our goal is really to be a voice on social networks, and especially to give expression to the creativity and talent of web surfers to highlight the richness and potential of young French dancers," said Johann Bondu, Marketing Manager Puma France.

The pre-selections of the 20 dancers begin in February 2013 on and Puma France Facebook page. The contestants will have to prove their talent at the Bus Palladium March 9, in front of a jury composed among others of the godmother, French dancer, Nawell Madani, French rapper Youssoupha and French professional dancer, Salah. Together, they’ll offer the chance to the best 5 dancers to participate in the international adventure Puma The Quest. The presentation of the 5 finalists will happen in front of a large public during the Juste Debout event at Bercy Paris on March 10, 2013.

Puma The Quest is an initiatory journey at the heart of the largest cities in the world, cradles of street trends: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Berlin and Paris. The Puma Dance Crew will be trained and coached by Salah, new Puma ambassador. His mission will be to teach the five future professionals his knowledge and art to create an urban modern dance show, highlighting their world tour. "It was also one of my dreams to one day teach my art to the younger generation. When Puma proposed me this project, I immediately snaped the bargain! It's just great to be able to experience this as an artist, I am confident that we will achieve a great result, it is anyway what I wish us! Share this adventure with others will also nourrish me, both as a coach and as an artist," says Salah.

The 6-date tour will air through 6 videos on Puma France social networks and MTV France channel. Fans can follow in near real time the adventure of the five winners and Salah. Check out all the details from January 30, 2013 on

©Puma/Franck Glenisson